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Pipe Welding of Stainless Steel

Accurate Specialist Welding

Accurate Specialist Welding

About SRS

SRS Manufacturing has been established to provide quality skilled welding and associated engineering services to the Aerospace, Aviation, Marine and other manufacturing sectors.

Our vision through exceptional quality and customer services is to set the standard for sub-contract engineering services.

A privately owned company, SRS Manufacturing is led by three directors, Roger Whyle, Stuart Kerley and Simon Udell, who possess in excess of 70 years industry experience.

The strategic development of SRS Manufacturing Ltd is supported through our ability to provide precision welding services directly into the blue chip arena. It is already recognised that there is a shortage of supply and further the ability to create this unique skill set will take a long time to cultivate.

Our precision welding specialist is well known to the market, has a sound business pedigree and further is highly regarded for both quality and flexibility. We can support the necessary quality accreditations, currently approved to CAA standards, thus providing strong entry level credentials with which our sales team may develop increased market share.

Specialist demand for the welding of exotic metals and alloys within a quality controlled environment, has a high demand within the local Aerospace community. Further to this the excellent growth in the marine sector has created, we believe, a significant shortage of capacity within our area of expertise. We feel established competition have become complacent and understand from our existing network that customer service is playing a principle role in the decision making process.

It is the view of SRS Manufacturing that with a low cost base, high skilled technical expertise and a flexible customer service driven workforce, that we shall possess a significant advantage over our competition. It is our desire to continually invest in all aspects of the business which add value to our customer's demands, whilst fully understanding that it is the people of SRS Manufactoring that add the highest value in all that we do.

In addition to our skill set we feel that with over 70 years of business acumen, professional accreditations and an unbridled desire toward delivering value SRS Manufacturing Ltd shall develop into a significant sub-contract agency within a short period of time.